SO Amazing Chefs Sunday Brunch (Food Only)


A bountiful brunch at Red Oven featuring live stations hosted by Thailand’s leading chefs on November 1st, 2020! The SO Amazing Chef Sunday Brunch will bring together six of our skilled chefs, with Chef Prin (ancient Thai), Chef Tonn (modern Asian), Chef Gigg (Chinese), Chef Chalee (French), Chef Tam (Farm-to-Table) and Chef Randy (Japanese) all taking over the live stations and delighting diners with their amazing creations.

Modern Asian station by Chef Ton
– Grilled pork jowl , baked banana blossoms and jackfruit salad
– Poached Petchburi oyster in Thai rice wine (Sato)

Ancient Thai station by Chef Prin
– Southern grilled beef curry
– Muslim style curry rice & local herbs salad

Chinese station by Chef Gigg
– Braised goose feet with fermented blackbeans sprinkle with sichuen pepper
– Canton style chawanmushi with flower crab lumps and roe

French station by Chef Chalee
– Bouillabaisse tart with saffron sabayon (shrimp , clams , squid)
– Foie gras macaron

Farm-to-table station by Chef Tam
– Black sticky rice moji & shrimp crumble
– Cold tomato ‘gazpacho’

Japanese station by Chef Randy
– Fillets original mini barachirachi don (locals cured white fish | deep sea prawn | uni)
– Fillets deluxe futomaki (eel , shrimp , flying fish roe , japanese cucumber , kampyo , shitake mushroom , crab meat , egg , ikura , sake furikake , oboro flake , inari)

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